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Pilot Episode: The Unboxing

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Outside the Box

Pilot Episode: The Unboxing

"Outside the Box" is a TV Pilot created by Auffant films centered around an ensemble cast of characters in the midst of homelessness. 

Thanks to the generous contribution of our kickstarter backers, we were able to bring the pilot episode to life. During its festival run, "Outside the Box" one Best TV Pilot at the Austin Indie Fest, as well as Best Pilot at the Studio City Film Festival. Daniel Urbanowicz also won Best Actor at the Austin Indie Fest for his portrayal of Ben in "Outside the Box".

Synopsis: Outside the Box is an uplifting comedy about a diverse group of friends experiencing homelessness and the challenges they face interacting with society while attempting to make their way through life in the inner city.

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The House
That Slaves Built

Based On A True Story

"The House That Slaves Built" tells the real life story behind one of the oldest residential homes still standing in the city of Austin Texas.

Produced in partnership with JR Productions, "The House That Slaves Built" tells a powerful story of truths from our past that deserve and need to be remembered.

In 2020 "The House That Slaves Built" had the honor of being shown at the Neill Cochran House Museum, the house the story is centered around.

Comedy Sketches
Auffant Films

We love making our viewers laugh! For over 6 years we have released a variety of comedy sketches onto our youtube channel. Creating this content has not only resulted in countless hours of fun for all of us involved, but has also proven to be a great platform in which to sharpen and grow our craft as story tellers.

In the mood to laugh? Check out our youtube channel! Not in the mood to laugh? Then you should definitely check out our channel! :)

Below you can watch some of our favorite comedy sketches. One of our fan favorites is "Let Down Your Hair" which has over 45K views!